Monthly Archives: January 2012

2011, in yarn

And, here you have it — a year in yarn!  (Finished objects, that
is).  Click on any image for more project details.

patchwork blanket

blackberry clafoutis socks
green apple cardi
crochet V shawl waffle weave towels chevron scarf
adversity socks Crochet cable cardi oceanesque socks

Four of these projects were started and finished in 2011.  Four
were carried over from the previous year.  And one (the crochet
cable cardi, which I’d bought
as a kit
in 2007) had been a WIP for about 4 years.

Not nearly as prolific as many knitters/fibre artists in the
blogoverse, but it is what it is!  I’m pretty pleased with this
outcome — there are some large projects in that batch, and I managed
to get something onto & off the big loom.  Now, my challenge
for 2012 is to actually get my computer to control one or both of the
knitting machines to produce something (while carrying on with
everything else, of course!).