Oceanesque Socks (2011)

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oceanesque socks
Pattern:  Usual Hybrid Sock Pattern

  Zittron Trekking XXL, Colour 184 (about 415m of a 420m ball)
Method:  Hand knitting
Completed:  April 13, 2011.

These are my standard socks -- toe up, following Wendy's Toe-Up pattern, and Cat Bordhi's Riverbed Arch expansion/plain heel.   For the ankle, I did a "twice-broken" rib -- broken rib in that I changed the offset every 8 rows, and because it was not k2p2; it was k2p2 on odd rounds, and just "k" on even rounds.

Called "oceanesque"  because the colours are reminiscent of the ocean, and the broken rib texture does add some wavy ripples to the striping of the colourway (as intended). 

flat socksankle pattern detail 1 Flat perspective -- with a very small ball of all that remained of the ball of yarn.  These feet are not small.
closeup ankle pattern detailankle detail 2
Ankle pattern detail.  Note the difference between the "twice broken" rib texture, and the standard k2p2 cuff.
on the hooveson the hooves 2
Socks on the hooves, so to speak.
profile view
Profile shot

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