Chevron Scarf (2011)

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Chevron scarf
Pattern:  Loosely based on "Favorite Scarf Ever" by Lisa Bruce

  DROPS Alpaca Fine
Method:  Hand knitting
Completed:  November 1, 2011.

Used 4 colours of the DROPS alpaca yarn -- medium brown, light brown / beige (alternating in large bands as the background), with charcoal and navy blue as occasional accents.  I did my best to make the colour changes random, but random isn't really my thing... I blocked it gently, and the finished measurements are:  7" x 53"

Knit to approx 53", including the 4 rows of plain knitting at the end.  Used 10g of blue, 10 g of black, 43g beige and 42g brown yarns.

I really liked this yarn -- soft, light & lofty, and well spun.  Lots of colours available.  I feel I will need to explore it more...

neck warming
Neck warmer!
lengthy glory
Stretched out in its full glory.
chevron detail
Detail of the yarn, and the chevron patterning
edge detail 1edge detail 2
Ends, closeup
back side
Backside of the knitting.

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