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Maryland Sheep & Wool 2008

Fairgrounds parking

It is that time of year again! Hard to believe it’s been a full
year since the
last time

Goodness knows, I haven’t knit up everything I bought last year, but
that didn’t stop me from exploring more work of some of the same fibre
artists (Spirit Trail Fiberworks; Ellen’s 1/2 Pint Farm), as well as
some new ones (Koenig Farms, Tess).


No, don’t worry — that’s not roving in the background; I have not
taken up spinning! That’s some really thick mohair that should be
fun to play with (and, I’d tell you where it was from, if there was a
label on it, or the company name had come through on sales slip!
Sigh 🙁 ).

My one big takeaway from the day: I need to knit more. A
lot more. It’s not just because my stash is growing at a
frightening rate (although it is). Seeing all the knitting ideas
and possibilities around the festival brought home that there’s a lot
more to do and play with, if I’d just get on with it!

I will note that, although the blog has been quiet, I’ve been posting
knitting progress to my knitting

Finally, it is the *sheep* and wool festival, so we actually did go and
watch one sheep competition…

Sheep competition