Crochet "V" Shawl (2011)

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Crochet V Shawl
Pattern:  Made up as I went along, ultimately 5 squares of "Square Pineapple Doily", by Priscilla Hewitt

  Schaeffer Yarns, "Anne" (grey/yellows, approx 320yds), Anonymous black alpaca, similar weight, (black, approx 430yds).
Method:  Crochet
Completed:  May 4, 2011.

This was a travel crochet project.  I started out wanting to make a Drops bolero project, which they did from 4 crocheted squares.  I didn't like the squares pattern, so I substituted "Square Pineapple Doily", by Priscilla Hewitt.  I didn't have enough of the "Anne" colourway to make 4 squares, so I made two from "Anne", and 2 from the black alpaca.

When I assembled it... I decided I didn't like how it sat on me.  Might have been better if the squares had been blocked, or if they'd all been the same colour.  But I felt it was a little too "granny square"-ish.  So, I took a page from some other book, made a 5th square, and assembled them in an "L" or a "V".  I like the way it sits on my shoulders easily (unlike a triangular shawl).

front, formalfront, daylight
View of the front -- in formal wear, indoors, and in sunlight.
overview, heldOverview, table
All together, now.

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