How about that ending?

What ending? Well, ending of 2013, ending of the “Tale of 2 Looms”, I guess. In June of 2013, I outlined that I was still picking my way through a handpainted warp project on my 8 shaft Schacht Baby Wolf loom, where a similar warp had all but leapt straight onto my recently acquired Schacht 15″ Flip rigid heddle loom. It turns out, completed projects fairly flew off that loom, as well! In the end, 5 of my 12 completed projects in 2013 were done on the rigid heddle. It is fun! But, as I suspected even in that original posting, I am not in any way done with the 8 shaft fun, either! Once it was warped, the weaving progressed smoothly, and there were fun puzzles to sort out such as “what complementing colour shall I use for the 3rd scarf?” and “Can I squeeze off a small sample at the end?”. And, I did finish all 3 scarves and the sample before the end of the year. I am more convinced than ever that I need to just practise, practise, practise warping up the Baby Wolf until it is no longer such an intimidating prospect. Of course, to do that, I have to be in the same place as the loom. 2013 saw lots of work and other travel, so another 5 of the 12 finished projects were travel fibre projects (four pairs of socks, and the crochet cardi). The other project that got finished was the self-designed handknit “7 year sweater project”. No particular 2014 fibre project “resolutions”, per se, other than a vague notion that I’d really get back to playing with my knitting machines, and a vaguely planned overshot project to complement the placemats I made on the rigid heddle loom. The theory is that will be a play project on the Northwest Pioneer (8 shaft table loom) that didn’t get any love last year. We shall see! Here’s a roundup of the finished projects in 2013 (click on thumbnails for project pages):

Bluefields socks
maritime morning
fruit crackup
Night clouds socks
golden leaves woven scarf
Rainbow runner
RH rustic placemats
plaid scarf
Rocking canopy socks
RH placemats too
summer crochet cardi
painted warp purple scarf set

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