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Tagine — You’re It!

For Christmas, I received one of these:


It’s an Emile
Henry Flame Top Tagine
Tagine is a North
African pot for producing slow-cooked delicacies, such as one might
experience in Morocco.  “Flame top” is Emile Henry’s special
material — a clay vessel that works on the cooktop, in the oven, in
the fridge etc.  Deeee-lightful.


Oh, and it is perfect tableware, too — bring this to the table!


“This” is the salmon
I made tonight.  It was perfectly cooked, and very
flavourful.  I regretted I could not get preserved lemons in time
— I have resolved to preserve some myself for a future effort.

Teleconferencing — Grand Manan Style

We share an office here, so the rule is that someone who has a
teleconference has to wander off to some other part of the house to
have it.  It’s not all bad — the views are pleasant, and watching
the waves (“~~~~~”) is fun:

voip teleconf

Sometimes, there are added distractions — the teleconferencee is not
necessarily the only one getting harried:


In particular, in this case, there’s a bald eagle being pursued by
crows (ravens?):

bald eagle -- cms
(Photo by CMS)

I perhaps didn’t catch all the
detail on that particular teleconf…

Truly Fowl Holidays

It started innocently enough, with the duck
, and slid right along with the roast turkey

Then there was the choux done


to accompany the rock cornish hens (stand ins for perdrix this year):


(There is cabbage in there, between the hen-halves & the toast
points:  trust me!).
Finally, for good measure, some coq
au vin
to round things out.  This was done a
la Alton Brown (Good Eats)
.  I had to hold it over a day, so I
brought the components out of the fridge:


and mixed them together, to heat:

purple chicken!

Mmm!  Purple chicken!  Doesn’t get much better than that 😉
.  Really, the chicken is cooked in that picture; the 2 bottles of
Pinot Noir (Trapiche) had something to say about the colour, though.

Heated up and served, it was perhaps more appealing:


And, that’s that! 

What?  What other thing?  Oh, that.


A little spot of  Doris Greenspan’s “Dressy
Chocolate Loaf Cake”
never went amiss.

Happy 2009!

Best wishes, from Grand Manan.


(Stanley Beach; -12C (-23C with windchill)).