Summer Filet Crochet Cardi (2013)

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Filet Crochet cardi
Pattern:  Jean Frost custom jacket dimensions; allover filet pattern from Design-A-Knit (DAK)

  Handmaiden Marrakesh (Laceweight silk/camel)
Method:  Crochet
Completed:  December 24, 2013.

Drop-shouldered, boxy jacket.  Done in filet crochet in order to be very light, summery, lacy.  The intention is to wear it on those days when you just don't want to go bare-shouldered, but the thought of any real fabric is too much.

Used about 165g (1 2/3 skeins) of the Handmaiden Marrakesh, which is lovely soft yarn!  The picture with me modeling it was taken before I put the final picot edging on, but it gives a good sense of the fit.   I used Jean Frost's made-to-measure jacket method to determine my best dimensions, and then laid the appropriately-proportioned pattern pieces on a two-colour pattern in DAK.  I used filet crochet to realize the pattern in the jacket.

  flat Completed, picot edging on, flat!

neck detailpicot edge detailsleeve
Detail -- neckline, edging, sleeve
pinned out for blockingdetail backdetail fronts
Blocking to the correct size was essential.  And showed up the filet pattern in the material!

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