How to make 3 lbs of butter seem small

I have found one sure fire way to make 3 lbs of butter seem like not
much of a big deal — and it has to do with Christmas cookies.

For whatever reason, even as there is no time for (m)any of the usual
sorts of holiday things, such as decorating our home, I hang on to
making Christmas cookies.   Perhaps it’s because:  if I
make them, I get to decide if they’re good (and I don’t make any yucky
ones — again, by my
definition 🙂 ).

So, in this brief period of actually being at home, I pulled out my various
recipes, selected which ones I’d like to make this year, and started
totting up various repetitive ingredients, to make sure I’d have enough
sugar, flour, nuts, chocolate (I said they’re good) and butter.  I came up
to 98 tbsp of butter required.  Ninety-eight.  And there are
4 tbsp per quarter cup.  My quick math suggested:   SIX

Fortunately, I was corrected (thanks, Mom!) — 4 tbsp per quarter CUP,
not per quarter pound.    So, it’s only 3 pounds (and 2
tbsp) of butter for all these cookies.  See?  Seems like
hardly anything, now 😉

For my next trick — I’ll figure out how to make the amount of time
needed to make the cookies undergo a similar transformation… wish me

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