Cables, Redux and Gallery

The eagle-eyed will have observed
evidence of a work in
, some time ago.  I am pleased to report that the
remake of a cable sweater I’d made (17 years ago?), from a Family
Circle pattern, is now complete!


I used the Jo
Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed I’d bought a year ago
, in Perth.  I
really enjoyed the yarn — it felt nice to work with, and produced
excellent stitch definition and a lovely fabric.  It’s sort of
slubbed — a little uneven in thickness — so it’s going to produce a
textured surface whether the pattern includes textured stitches or no.

I know, I know — there are so many sweater patterns and possibilities
under the sun, why would you remake one you’d already done?  I
made  the original out of some generic acrylic stuff (I 
might even still have a ball band somewhere…), and loved the sweater
to death.  It was fast & easy to make.  It fit
well.  It looked reasonably well-crafted (which was particularly a
bonus, that early in my knitting efforts!).  And then one day it
just gave up — stretched out and didn’t stretch back.  The
sleeves dangled.  The collar fell off my shoulders.  You know
what I mean.

The recollection of the easy/fun knit and rewarding result lead me to
cast on for this as my mindless/road trip project, and that was pretty
successful.  Except that I finished it just at the very extreme
reaches of anything that can be called sweater weather in this part of
the world 😉  Wear reports will have to wait.

If you’ve been adventurous and clicked on the image above, you’ll have
also discovered something else I’ve been slowly working on — the knitbot
FO Gallery
.  Obviously, I’m just beginning to populate it, but
I figured I’d test drive it on a few items and get it posted. 
I’ll probably be filling it in from both ends and the middle for a
while yet, from accumulated photographs.