Bike to Work Day 2007

The 50-year-old
League of American Bicyclists
have declared May as “Bike
Month”.  In particular, for most parts of the country, “National
Bike to Work Day” is tomorrow, Friday May 18:  you have been
alerted & can participate!

Apparently, though, the folks in the SF Bay area like to be a litte
ahead of everyone else, and recognized today, Thursday May 17, as Bike
to Work Day… with a ripple effect out to those of us working for SF
Bay Area HQ’ed companies in far-flung parts of the country.


This is my bike.  This is my
cube.  Any questions? 😉

Certainly, the lobby ambassador had none as I slithered up to her to
check in!

Really, it was a lovely day for it — no rain, nice temperatures. 
And I’m fortunate that 2/3 of the route follows a recreational
trail.  So, the ride in was all deer and rabbit and turtle and
ground hog, except for the last few miles of negotiating along the edge
of various concrete seas.  Though the backback was a bit much —
it just about overset me on a few occasions.  (I rather suspect
that I looked like this
from behind 😉 ).

The ride home was perhaps more of a slog and a little less charming —
the recreational trail was populated by more dog-walkers and other
random folk, who were random obstacles to be navigated around. 
And then there were the flocks of shiny-clad cycle clubs who swooped by
(for whom I was a random obstacle to be navigated around).  
I don’t think it was *just* because they were on road bikes (not a
mountain bike), didn’t have a 20lb backback to slew their center of
gravity, and hadn’t already done this once already today that they had
the tour de force advantage!

Heh.  I am not an athlete (this is not news!).  But I did up
and decide to pump up the tires on the bike I hadn’t ridden in 18
months, ride (just over 19mi) to work, and then rode (just over 19mi)
home, so I think I’m doing okay.

And, if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to hike over to  a soft and
cushy chair for a bit…!

For those of you living outside the SF Bay Area, in the States — your
turn, tomorrow! 😉