Class of 2004…

This evening, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee tweeted:

@YarnHarlot: Ok, lets do this. Class of (knitblogging) 2004, still online.. sound off! (please retweet, so we can find them all)

I quickly looked at my desktop’s archives and realized, “C’est moi!”. My first post was in 2004. On a platform far, far away (and, now, gone). So, I retweeted/responded.

And then I got to thinking — anyone looking at this blog might question whether I’m currently a knitting blogger (or, even, “online”). You can’t see the blog post (or maybe series of 3) that I started working on in September 2014, that just hasn’t quite come together enough to post. Caught up in serious writer’s block (I know — for a blog?!). Let me just say this: put Kate Davies, Cottage Craft, Laura Fry and Briggs & Little into a blog post draft and shake — and see if you can quickly come to a conclusion that doesn’t leave you feeling preposterous in the morning.

Coming soon — a really interesting post on craft, art, fibre, and the world we live in. Or, something else entirely.

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