And so endeth the month (of blogging daily). 


There was a post for each day in November 2008 (even if the timestamps
sometimes pushed an entry into the next day!).

I found it an interesting experiment.  It was definitely
challenging to come up with something
for each and every day.  Some days were particularly challenging
— when there’d been nothing but meetings all day, a long dinner and I
was searching for something to say, outside of my immediate headspace,
at 1am.    But, by virtue of pressing on anyway, I did
get over some writers block like hurdles, I suppose. 

I observe that relatively few posts were about knitting.  I’m not
sure if this was a typical month in that regard:  I am not a
highly prolific knitter, I guess, but that’s not news.

I’m not sure what I will do with this space going forward.  I
doubt I will continue posting at the same rate:  I’m not sure I
need this in my every day, and I’m quite convinced the world does not
need my daily blather 🙂    On the other hand, without
the pressure to put something up every day, I wonder if I will lapse to
the semi-annual posting rate I was supporting previously?  We’ll
just have to see.

This also ends our week on Grand Manan.  Time to head back to the
mainland and wend our way down south, to get back into our usual
routine and wind up for the holidaze.