Giving Thanks

Today we recognize that we have much for which to give thanks, not the
least of which is captured in the views from our driveway — that it is
our driveway, that we’re here to enjoy the island, that the weather was
so stupendous that it was impossible not to smile 🙂

From the backyard

From the front yard

Today we particularly enjoyed the service here — left voicemail to set
up a service call and the response came in the shape of the service
person on the  doorstep (why phone, when you can drop by?). 

There was, of course, a cooking extravaganza.  Perhaps I’ll write
about that tomorrow.

Not so thankful for the blog spam scribblers — I hope I’ve gotten the
crap out of the previous blog posts, and that the upgrade/password
changes I did today will prevent further incursions. 

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