Monthly Archives: December 2008

Camel Sighting — Blacks Harbour, NB!

No, not a dromedary — camel & silk blend (YUMMM!) from Hand Maiden Yarns (“Camelspin”, 70%
Silk, 30% Camel), purchased at Cricket
in Blacks Harbour, NB.


I don’t know how many times we’ve driven by that store and not been
able to stop in — either we’re rushing to catch the ferry to Grand
Manan, or just off the early ferry from
Grand Manan and the store isn’t open, or… Finally, yesterday, the
stars aligned and we had the chance to stop in. 

It’s a delightful store — lots of great yarn in a variety of brands
and types;  nice handknits. 

As usual — my eye lead me to many things, but my fingers got me in
trouble:  one touch of this yarn and I was done for.  It’s
very soft. 

I did make progress on my current knitting projects on the trip. 
I’ve got a new sock project going, and if I could ever figure out how
to make the diamond pattern (used once here)
work properly in the round, I’d be on my way to having a first sock
completed.  Promises, promises.