Cheese: an Explanation

Let me explain something. 


Cheese plate -- Paris

is a cheese plate.

And this:


is a wanna-brie .

Opening up the familiar wood box, I was astonished to find a sealed
plastic tub inside.  Think of the “hankie” scene from the opening
of “The Commitments”.

Look more closely at the labelling — from the country that has to
label when its cheese is food:

brie cheese food


It is, indeed, “CheezWhiz” with brie flavour undertones. 

And, lest there be any doubt about its “real”ness — check the
ingredients, the first of which is “natural cheese”.  Cheddar
cheese, no less.


It is a relief to know it contains dairy.


After the Storm

After The Storm

We had a pretty good blow last night/this morning, on Grand
Manan.  Winds were sustained at 50km/h, with gusts up to
70km/h.  A night to appreciate a well-insulated house!

It was windy enough that the ferry didn’t run last evening or this
morning, until the 11:30am departure from Grand Manan.   A
good day to plan to be going nowhere.

When You Just Have to Go

Dashing home from a week of meetings, sliding in by 7pm, time to
unpack, do laundry, repack and take care of some work deliverables, so
that at 6am I’m on my way to our favourite place on Grand

We transited Halifax, which is still digging out from 30cm (a foot) of

Blowing past Air Canada      
blowing perspex

And clambered onto the Beechcraft
for the flight to Saint
John — big sunset, small plane.

sunset -- mile high    

An hour south of Saint John, we grabbed supplies in Blacks Harbour, and
made the 5:30pm ferry — arriving on the island at 7pm, to a fully
working (and warm!) house (but no Internet — hence the delay in
posting this).

Sand Shoes

Some words of wisdom you might have occasion to take advantage
of…  if you are hanging around in the home turf of these guys


these are not the proper

running shoes

unless you really like to share your shoes with lots of this


If the depth has been lost in the digital photograph, let me assure you
there’s a good half cup (125mL) of sand from that shoe.

It turns out that the sand is really fine — finer than the mesh of the
running shoes — so it seeps right in.  After a few moments, your
brand new, expensive running shoes feel like they are lined with
cement, and your feet are feeling like they ought to be moving out.


Geez! The grief I got for displaying non-handknit socks ๐Ÿ™‚


So, here we are again — with socks
handknit from Fleece Artist SeaWool
that I bought at Cricket Cove,
Andrews, NB, when we visited this part of the world last
year. (Yes — yarn does occasionally get used within the year it
was purchased… ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Still — my feet, my socks,
my window, my view…!

Gone Fishin’

Metaphorically speaking, of course…

Feet up, down the cove

But, this view is hardly hard to take — looking down Flagg Cove from
Grand Manan Island, in New Brunswick, Canada.