Stash Busting Scarf Weave Along (2021)

Pattern: An 8 shaft Dornick twill (supplied in the weave along)
Warp: 112 ends of 4 colours arranged in a repeating 8 thread pattern:

  • 3 colours of mystery 2-ply wool yarns (light blue, purple, magenta), and
  • 1 thread of Green Mountain Spinnery Sylvan Spirit in a lavendar/pink colour

Weft: Valley Yarn (Webs) 2/10 merino tencel (dark purple), doubled

Sett: 12 epi
Method: Weaving — multishaft floor loom.
Completed: May 19 2021.

This is the product of participating in the “Stash Busting Scarf Weave Along 2021” online class led by Tien Chiu and Janet Dawson, in early 2021.

The weaving experience: I did some sampling on my table loom, which helped me figure out what I wanted to do by way of sett and weft choices. It meant I had much more confidence when I got the actual warp onto the floor loom to do the weaving.

The learnings:

Sampling, including wet-finishing of the samples, is really valuable!

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