Barachois (2021)

Barachois Pullover (2021)

Pattern: Barachois, by Jennifer Beale

  • Still River Mill Cashmere Lace (olive green for half of body, and yellow, periwinkle and navy in bandolier colourwork)
  • Still River Mill Qiviut/Bamboo/150sMerino Lace (silver grey for half the body (lace))
  • Still River Mill Qiviut/Silk Lace (cranberry, spruce, espresso in bandolier colourwork)

Method: Handknit, 2.5mm needles for size “B”
Completed: August 22, 2021.

I saw the pattern in 2019 and was immediately gripped by it! How cool — to knit the colourwork bandolier, and then knit the main parts of the body off of that. It took a while to find yarn that knit reasonably to gauge. I’m not going to admit how much failed attempts have added to my yarn stash… I already had the silver grey and the olive yarns in my stash, and wound up buying other colours for the bandolier colourwork at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival in October 2019.

And, then, it just took a while to knit. The bandolier was a bit of a challenge – most rows featured 3 colours. I kept knitting a little at a time, and then finally it was done. The amount used of each colour was pretty miniscule.

I did add some length (about 3″) to the sleeves, because I hate having a warm core and cold arms.

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