Hexa-Socks The First! (2024)

Pattern: “Nordwand Socks” by Birgit GrunwaldYarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock (colour 245) Method: Handknit, 2.50mm needlesCompleted: July 11, 2024. I was looking for something different to do with striping yarn and socks… I’d bought the pattern a year or so

Turned Twill Dishtowels (2024)

Pattern: An 8 shaft 3/1 Twill (Turned twill)Yarns: Sett: 24epi Method: Weaving — multishaft floor loom (Baby Wolf) Completed: February 24, 2024. These are the first set of dishtowels to match up with my “emergency” hand towels completed last year.

Green Diagonals Scarf (2024)

Pattern: Roughly based on the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf freebie pattern I got from RavelryYarn: Queensland Collection Sugar Rush (Mint) and Alchemy Bamboo (Good Earth — dark green) Method: Handknit (4mm needles), with crochet trim (5mm hook)Completed: April 1, 2024. In

Clematis Scarf (2024)

Pattern: Starting with the “clematis” crochet pattern (Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Crochet, page 222), and then I worked some patterning on either side (until I was out of yarn!)Yarn: Gradation Alpaca Mohair Fine (cream and light blue) Method: Crochet, 3.00mm

Cannonball Socks (2024)

Pattern: Toe-up, Cat Bordhi riverbed arch expansion and Wendy Knits toe-up sock; mitred squares for the ankle and a brief ribbing for cuffYarn: Turtlepurl Yarns Striped Socks — Cannonball colourway Method: Handknit, 2.00mm needlesCompleted: March 17, 2024. A simple sock

Emergency Waffle Weave Hand Towels (2023)

Pattern: A 4 shaft waffle patternYarns: Sett: 24epi Method: Weaving — multishaft floor loom. Completed: August 15, 2023. These were “emergency” hand towels only insofar as my old ones had worn through with large holes! I did a pretty standard

Prickly Pear Cotton Spin (2023)

Fibre: Pima Cotton Sliver from Buchanan Fiber, Prickly Pear colourway (2oz of fibre)Yarn:  Approx 197yds two-ply, slightly less than sock weight. Also approx 3.3yds chain-ply.Method: Madness! See belowCompleted:  May 14, 2023. My first cotton spinning experience. I bought a few

Blossoming Beauty Crochet Cardi (2023)

Pattern: Blossoming Beauty Crochet Cardigan by DROPS Design Yarns: Rowan CashCotton (7 balls of “seafoam”) Method: Crochet, 2.5mm hook Completed: May 14, 2023. It was a pretty straightforward project. I did find the pattern was a little confusing in places,

Tweedy Feet Socks (2023)

Pattern: Toe-up, Cat Bordhi riverbed arch expansion and Wendy Knits toe-up sock; 3+1 rib for the ankleYarn: FiberStash Tweedy Toes Sock Yarn (“Robert Crawley” 20056 colourway) Method: Handknit, 2.00mm needlesCompleted: April 2, 2023. A simple sock travel project. The tweedy

Mira Towels — Gradients (2022)

Pattern: A 4 shaft Twill pattern set by the instructorYarns: Sett: 24epi Method: Weaving — multishaft floor loom. Completed: November 27, 2022. This was a riff on a project from a 2021 Tien Chiu class (“Make Your Colors Sing”), as