Barachois Pullover (2021)

Pattern: Barachois, by Jennifer BealeYarns: Still River Mill Cashmere Lace (olive green for half of body, and yellow, periwinkle and navy in bandolier colourwork) Still River Mill Qiviut/Bamboo/150sMerino Lace (silver grey for half the body (lace)) Still River Mill Qiviut/Silk

Stash Busting Scarf Weave Along (2021)

Pattern: An 8 shaft Dornick twill (supplied in the weave along)Yarns:Warp: 112 ends of 4 colours arranged in a repeating 8 thread pattern: 3 colours of mystery 2-ply wool yarns (light blue, purple, magenta), and 1 thread of Green Mountain

Unravelling Overshot Online Class (2021)

Pattern: A 4 shaft overshot pattern set by the class instructor (HoneySamples)Yarns:Warp: 132 ends, originally measured at ~5yds but then this was the second project on it; Lunatic Fringe 10/2 mercerized cotton in “Kelp” colourTabby weft:⁃ A variety of 10/2

Discover Color Weave Along (2020)

Pattern: A 4 shaft overshot pattern set by the class instructors (Knots & Crosses)Yarns:Warp: 132 ends, measured at ~5yds; Lunatic Fringe 10/2 mercerized cotton in “Kelp” colourTabby weft:⁃ A variety of 10/2 mercerized cotton (Lunatic Fringe and others);Pattern weft:⁃ A

Alpaca Fairisle for Him (2020)

Yarn:  Juniper Moon Farm MoonshinePattern: Invented by me, using some elements I admired from the Peace Sweater by DaleCompleted: October 4, 2020. I bought the yarn for this sweater in the Fall of 2018, and started playing with ideas almost

Spring Has Sprung Sock Yarn (2020)

Fibre: Green Goat Ranch Blended Rolags (Yellow & Kiwi)Yarn: 2-ply; 330yds sock yarnMethod: Wheel spun with long drawCompleted: June 16, 2020. I bought these rolags as part of the Virtual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in early May 2020. They

The Big Red Spin (2020)

Fibre: Loop KimonoYarn: 3-ply: ~1,140 yds; Sport weightMethod: Wheel spun with long drawCompleted: May 17, 2020. In 2015, I bought a pound of mixed and dyed fibre from Loop — I’m not sure if “Kimono” was the colourway, or the

Mitre-Might-Not Socks (2019)

Yarn:  Fleece Artist Canada National Park’s Sock — BanffPattern: Toe-up, Cat Bordhi riverbed arch expansion and Wendy Knits toe-up sock; my own patterning for the ankleCompleted: November 24, 2019. Pretty standard toe-up socks, for me. As I knit the foot,

Merrie Dancers Toorie — Handspun Hand-dyed (2019)

Yarn:  Wheel-spun Shetland, mostly from a May 2018 workshop on natural dyeingPattern: Merrie Dancers Toorie, by Elizabeth JohnstonCompleted: November 22, 2019. This hat was actually a “homework assignment” from a workshop I did at Marshfield School of Weaving in May,

Spindle-spun Angora Handpaint (2019)

Fibre: The Rosefield Handpainted Angora RovingYarn:  Approx 300yds two-ply, slightly less than sock weight.Method: Spindle-spun and plied (with my e-spinner)Completed:  September 8, 2019. I started this project over a year ago.  It was a background project — an easily portable