Twill as Overshot Sampling (2015)

Pattern:  Strickler Page 38 #166
Yarns:  Warp & pattern weft:  Just Our Yarns Almaza 10/2 tencel, blue and red variegated, respectively.  Tabby weft  is Just Our Yarns Mira II.
Method:  Weaving
Completed:  April 14, 2015.

Ow.  It was intended to be a 7″ wide scarf for me.  I bought the yarns at the “Just Our Yarn” booth at MDS&W 2014, after admiring a scarf they had there as a sample.  I think it could have been lovely, but my inexperience gave me 2 challenges that derailed me:

  1. I tried 30epi, which was too dense; I wound up having to re-sley to 24epi.  That wouldn’t have been a big deal, except
  2. All the wear on the warp threads, and the tension, caused an impossible number of broken warp threads.

So, I wove off a couple of pieces with the planned yarns, and did a lot of other playing around with the twill and different other yarns.

And, we’ll call it a “sampler”.

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