Alpaca Fairisle for Him (2020)

Yarn:  Juniper Moon Farm MoonshinePattern: Invented by me, using some elements I admired from the Peace Sweater by DaleCompleted: October 4, 2020. I bought the yarn for this sweater in the Fall of 2018, and started playing with ideas almost

Mitre-Might-Not Socks (2019)

Yarn:  Fleece Artist Canada National Park’s Sock — BanffPattern: Toe-up, Cat Bordhi riverbed arch expansion and Wendy Knits toe-up sock; my own patterning for the ankleCompleted: November 24, 2019. Pretty standard toe-up socks, for me. As I knit the foot,

Merrie Dancers Toorie — Handspun Hand-dyed (2019)

Yarn:  Wheel-spun Shetland, mostly from a May 2018 workshop on natural dyeingPattern: Merrie Dancers Toorie, by Elizabeth JohnstonCompleted: November 22, 2019. This hat was actually a “homework assignment” from a workshop I did at Marshfield School of Weaving in May,

Cashmere Cardi (Burgundy Wrap) 2019

Yarn:  Filatura di Crosa Superior — Cashmere Silk laceweight — a little more than 2 ballsPattern: Sabine (Cocoknits)Completed: August 23, 2019. I started this as a travel project in November of 2017. I bought the cashmere laceweight with a view

PurGreen Socks (2019)

Yarn:  Jojoland Melody Superwash (MS29 colourway)Pattern: Toe-up, Cat Bordhi riverbed arch expansion and Wendy Knits toe-up sockCompleted: April 3, 2019. Pretty standard toe-up socks, for him.   I like the gentle gradient between purple and green; definitely “fraternal twin” socks, though

Blue Evelyn (2018)

Yarn:  Noro Cash Iroha  (Approx 12 skeins, or 1,200m) Pattern: Evelyn by Jennifer Wood Completed: December 31, 2018. Squeaking in under the wire!  My last completed knit of 2018.    I started it in December of 2017, and knit it as

Stained Glass Rose Window Pullover (2018)

Yarn:  Gjestal Okologisk Naturgarn Pattern: Invented as I went 🙂 Completed: November 27, 2018. This sweater was a long time in the making — decades, in fact!  First, the yarn.  In the late 1990’s, I was enthralled by fairisle and

Handspun Spring Hat (2018)

Yarn:  My own handspun — from ITW Yipes!Stripes! Pattern: Mostly following “Ribbed for His Pleasure”, by Tinksdarkerside Completed:  March 27, 2018. I had spun the yarn thinking “socks”, and then decided a 2-ply really wasn’t going to be a sturdy

Tree Bark Socks (2017)

Yarn:  Lorna’s Laces Solemate Pattern: Toe-up, Cat Bordhi riverbed arch expansion and Wendy Knits toe-up sock Completed: November 16, 2017. Pretty standard toe-up socks, for him.   For the ankles, I did alternating four rows of 3×1 and four rows of

Lucille Pullover (2017)

Yarn:  MacAusland Woolen Mills 2-ply (medium) Pattern: Lucille by Jennifer Wood Completed: October 29, 2017. The yarn is a good sturdy yarn, which softens and blooms on soaking.  I wanted a cable sweater; I thought initially of a cardigan/jacket, and