Unravelling Overshot Online Class (2021)

Pattern: A 4 shaft overshot pattern set by the class instructor (HoneySamples)Yarns:Warp: 132 ends, originally measured at ~5yds but then this was the second project on it; Lunatic Fringe 10/2 mercerized cotton in “Kelp” colourTabby weft:⁃ A variety of 10/2

Discover Color Weave Along (2020)

Pattern: A 4 shaft overshot pattern set by the class instructors (Knots & Crosses)Yarns:Warp: 132 ends, measured at ~5yds; Lunatic Fringe 10/2 mercerized cotton in “Kelp” colourTabby weft:⁃ A variety of 10/2 mercerized cotton (Lunatic Fringe and others);Pattern weft:⁃ A

Rep Weave Placemats (2019)

Pattern: Largely followed “Breakfast time” project in “Rep Rips Reps Weave” book, page 31, though I messed up and only threaded half the warp threads in the centre pattern. Yarns: Warp: 376 ends, measured at ~3yds ⁃ Pacolet Valley Fiber

Woven Cotton Dish Towels (2018)

Pattern:  Two simple twills for the dish towels; and then I worked out a “waffle-ish” weave for the hand towels, based on the threading and a new tie up. Yarns:   Warp:  8/2 Cotton from The Mannings (white) Weft:  8/2 Cotton

Seaside Seasilk Scarf (2017)

Pattern:  Point Twill on 4 shafts Yarns:   Warp:  Handmaiden Sea Silk, most of one (100g) skein Jacobean blue  Weft:  Handmaiden Sea Silk, entirety of one (100g) skein Bottle Green Method:  Weaving — on my 4 shaft counterbalance Leclerc Fanny Completed: 

Rigid Heddle Petit Point Table Runner (2016)

Pattern:  Betty Davenport’s “Petit-Point Pattern in Linen for a Table Runner”, which I got out of Best of Handwoven’s Rigid Heddle Pattern Book #1.  Pattern weft with pickup sticks Yarns:   Warp:  Pacolet Valley Fiber Company Southern Bales Fingering (natural); Pattern

Twill as Overshot Sampling (2015)

Pattern:  Strickler Page 38 #166 Yarns:  Warp & pattern weft:  Just Our Yarns Almaza 10/2 tencel, blue and red variegated, respectively.  Tabby weft  is Just Our Yarns Mira II. Method:  Weaving Completed:  April 14, 2015. Ow.  It was intended to

Overshot Tablerunner (2014)

  Pattern:  Anne Dixon’s “Small Honeysuckle”, page 106. Yarns:  Warp & tabby weft:  Pacolet Valley Fiber Company Southern Bales Fingering; Weft pattern is Sakura Cotton (by Estelle Yarns) Method:  Weaving Completed:  May 15, 2014. My first project in overshot, on

Tartanic Scarf (2014)

  Pattern:  Made it up Yarns:  Plymouth Yarns Baby Alpaca Lace, DROPS Alpaca Method:  Weaving Completed:  April 18, 2014. Woven in plainweave on my 15″ rigid heddle, 12 dent heddle.   Finished measurements: 10″ x 70″ (exclusive of fringe).  Both yarns

DragonTale Purple Painted Warp Scarves (2013)

  Pattern:  1 Plain Weave, 2 Twill scarves and an end piece Yarns:  Warp:  Dragon Tale 5/2 Rayon and Rayon Slub painted warp;  Weft:  5/2 Dragon Tale Rayon  (various colours).Method:  Weaving, Schacht Baby Wolf 8S10T Completed:  December 30, 2013. I