Fruit Crackup Socks (2013)


Fruit crackup Pattern:  Usual Hybrid Sock Pattern

  Patons Stretch Socks
Method:  Hand knitting
Completed:  April 24, 2013.

These are my standard socks — toe up, following Wendy’s Toe-Up pattern, and Cat Bordhi’s Riverbed Arch expansion/plain heel.   I did a chevron pattern to reduce the stripey effect.  I did the same thing in the previous pair of socks, the “Blue Fields”, but this time I added a couple of stitches of rib between chevron sets.  Also, with the elastic in the yarn, they are stretchy enough to slip on and off, yet remain snug on my ankles.

Named them “fruit crackup” because the colour looks like so many berries smooshed together!

Used 66g of yarn for the pair — approx 290m.

  top down in the suntop down dappled Top-down views — full sun and dappled
side sunside dappledside dappled too Ankle views — full sun and dappled
Ankle closeup Ankle detail
inspect 1inspect 2 Neighbour’s cat came to inspect…
interact 1interact 2 … and interact 🙂
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