Very Pink! Knit V Shawl (2012)


VPVS Pattern:  Made up as I went along, starting with 3×3 “domino” for two squares

  Regia Extra Twist Merino (black; I used 1 3/4 balls (~88g))
Lang Mille Colori Socks (pink, variegated; I used just over 1 ball (~110g))
Method:  Hand knitting
Completed:  June 3, 2012.

I bought some startlingly pink Lang Mille Colori sock yarn, thinking of using it as one colour in a fairisle something-or-other.  And, I wanted to do a knit version of the 5-square V crochet shawl I had made.  I didn’t quite find a good fairisle pattern, so I went modular and striped with the black I’d bought to go along with it.

front view Front view — 3×3 panels at the bottom, and 4-quarter panels on teh shoulder
backback angle
Back view — one big domino square for the main back panel.
Full V The whole shawl — more of an “L” than a “V”, I suppose.  Single domino square as the keystone (back); 4 quarter squares on either side, ended with 3×3 domino squares at the bottom
flat braid join The join is a simple flat braid corchet.  I might have liked a more substantial crochet edging for the outside edges, but ran out of steam (and time).
9square 3×3 domino panel
backside Backside
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