SeaWool Socks (2007)


SeaWool Sock Pattern:  Wendy’s Toe-Up, using Barbara Walker’s Northern Lights pattern in the ankle
Yarn:  Fleece Artist Sea Wool
Method:  Handknit
Completed:  November 14, 2007.

This was my first experience working with Fleece Artist’s Sea Wool — 70% Merino, 30% “sea cell”.  It’s lovely stuff:  the colours are very vibrant, the fabric is light stretchy, and yet there is a distinct warmth in them.  It is a little thicker than some sock yarn, so they are slightly bulky socks.  The colour variations are pleasant and subtle enough to be interesting but not “in your face”.

This is a pretty generic toe-up sock construction, but again I played around by flipping through stitch dictionaries and settling on a Barbara Walker pattern (“Northern Lights”) for the ankle patterning.  This has just enough purling and stitch twisting to give the ankle a bit of extra stretchiness.

Whole Sock
A whole sock.  Not clear in this picture, but the very top of the ankle is done with 6 rows of pattern of various purls, knits & knit-through-the-back-loops.
Detail of Barbara Walker’s “Northern Lights” pattern on the ankle.
SockPair Happy feet!
Sea Wool Fortunately, this skein of Sea Wool had a friend…  I see another pair of Sea Wool socks in my future!The yarn is so light-and-yet-warm that I wonder about making a summer jacket with it, if I could ever find enough skeins of one colourway in one place.
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