Rainbow Baby Blanket (2007)


RainbowBabyBlanket Pattern:  Pineapple Lace Afghan in “Crochet Ultimate Book of Pineapples”, at 2/3 scale
Yarn:  TLC Baby Amore acrylic
Method:  Crochet
Completed:  October 10, 2007.

The “rainbow” is the colouration of the yarn in the main body of the blanket — it’s a soft, cuddly chenille in delicate variegated colours.  And then pineapple edging for festive effect.

Pineapple closeup
Closeup of the pineapple edging.
Edge effect
Edging/blanket closeup.
eXtreme closeup Extreme closeup of the yarn — also does the best job of showing the colours in the variegated yarn.
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