Blueberry spindle spun (2018)

Fibre: Wild Hare Fibers Blended top (4oz) in blended blues, blacks and sparkly (29% Bamboo rayon, 29% Faux cashmere (nylon), 14% Tussah Silk, 14% Viscose, 11% acrylic, 3$ Angelina) Yarn:  Approx 224yds two-ply, slightly less than sock weight. Method: Spindle-spun

Stained Glass Rose Window Pullover (2018)

Yarn:  Gjestal Okologisk Naturgarn Pattern: Invented as I went 🙂 Completed: November 27, 2018. This sweater was a long time in the making — decades, in fact!  First, the yarn.  In the late 1990’s, I was enthralled by fairisle and

Woven Cotton Dish Towels (2018)

Pattern:  Two simple twills for the dish towels; and then I worked out a “waffle-ish” weave for the hand towels, based on the threading and a new tie up. Yarns:   Warp:  8/2 Cotton from The Mannings (white) Weft:  8/2 Cotton

Handspun Spring Hat (2018)

Yarn:  My own handspun — from ITW Yipes!Stripes! Pattern: Mostly following “Ribbed for His Pleasure”, by Tinksdarkerside Completed:  March 27, 2018. I had spun the yarn thinking “socks”, and then decided a 2-ply really wasn’t going to be a sturdy

Flaming Sunset Wheelspun (2018)

Fibre: Into the Whirled ‘Mephit’ on 50% Merino/50% Bombyx Silk Yarn: 2-ply: ~242 yds; Chain-plied: ~34.4 yds, a bit heavier than sock weight Method: Wheel spun with long draw Completed: February 28, 2018. I split the top in two at

Yipes!Stripes! Wheelspun (2018)

Fibre: Into the Whirled “Yipes!  Stripes!” colourway on 75% BFL, 25% Silk (4oz) Yarn: ~296yds 2-ply sock weight, and ~50yds chain-plied remnants Method: Wheel spun with long draw Completed: February 18, 2018. I was aiming for 2-ply sock yarn. Divided

Tree Bark Socks (2017)

Yarn:  Lorna’s Laces Solemate Pattern: Toe-up, Cat Bordhi riverbed arch expansion and Wendy Knits toe-up sock Completed: November 16, 2017. Pretty standard toe-up socks, for him.   For the ankles, I did alternating four rows of 3×1 and four rows of

Lucille Pullover (2017)

Yarn:  MacAusland Woolen Mills 2-ply (medium) Pattern: Lucille by Jennifer Wood Completed: October 29, 2017. The yarn is a good sturdy yarn, which softens and blooms on soaking.  I wanted a cable sweater; I thought initially of a cardigan/jacket, and

Luxe the First (2017)

Fibre: Loop Lux Bullseye Bump (25% Cashmere, 25% Silk, 50% Merino) Yarn: ~261yds chain-plied, slightly heavier than sock weight Method: Wheel spun with long draw Completed: September 21, 2017. The bullseye bump was a centre-pull, lovely ribbon of spinning fibre! 

Seaside Seasilk Scarf (2017)

Pattern:  Point Twill on 4 shafts Yarns:   Warp:  Handmaiden Sea Silk, most of one (100g) skein Jacobean blue  Weft:  Handmaiden Sea Silk, entirety of one (100g) skein Bottle Green Method:  Weaving — on my 4 shaft counterbalance Leclerc Fanny Completed: