Yipes!Stripes! Wheelspun (2018)


Fibre: Into the Whirled “Yipes!  Stripes!” colourway on 75% BFL, 25% Silk (4oz)
Yarn: ~296yds 2-ply sock weight, and ~50yds chain-plied remnants
Method: Wheel spun with long draw
Completed: February 18, 2018.

I was aiming for 2-ply sock yarn. Divided the ITW fibre into 4 equal-ish segments — two each of “purples and oranges” and “yellows and greens”.

I spun the singles over a period of a few months (late October through February — travel and holidays got in the way). I struggled a bit with various bobbins and keeping the wheel properly lubricated.

All that to say that the 2 skeins (plying one yellow/green and one purple/orange for each) are quite different. The skein from the earlier bobbins is less consistent, and overall thicker. The later skein is about as consistent as I get (which is to say, not very), and the singles were finer.

I also chain-plied the leftover singles of yellows/greens, and purples/oranges.

I’m still quite pleased with the outcome — the yarn is outright pretty, the colors are nicely balanced throughout, and I might even be able to knit socks with it! (I’m thinking of using the finer skein for both feet parts, and the thick/thin skein for the ankles & cuffs).

Skein #1: 2-ply, ~122yds
Skein #2: 2-ply, ~174yds
Skein #3: chain-plied, ~36yds (greens/yellows)
Skein #4: chain-plied, ~13yds (purples/oranges)

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