Tartanic Scarf (2014)


tartanic scarf Pattern:  Made it up

  Plymouth Yarns Baby Alpaca Lace, DROPS Alpaca
Method:  Weaving
Completed:  April 18, 2014.

Woven in plainweave on my 15″ rigid heddle, 12 dent heddle.   Finished measurements: 10″ x 70″ (exclusive of fringe).  Both yarns are alpaca — long staple.  The colour patterning a tartan.  I wanted this to complement the scarf I knit for him a while back.  I didn’t have quite enough of the original yarns, so I added in the blue  (Plymouth Yarns) as a base.  It is much finer than the DROPS, so I doubled it up in the warp and the weft.

Overall, it turned out pretty well.  It was a little stiff when first off the loom, but after washing and pressing, it has a very nice hand.  I think the weft packed in a little more than expected, so it’s not exactly balanced weave.

  flat drapedflat tablegrill wears it Flat focus — handrail, table and kettle grill!
close up endclose closeup Closeup — twisted fringe, and the core pattern.
just off the loom Just off the loom — a little crinkled, as it was a little stiff before washing.
plan and                  reality!reality too Check out how well the reality matched my Fiberworks plan printout!
warped and woundjust started weaving Early on — warped and wound, and then starting the weaving.
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