Soy Tank Top (2008)


SoyTank Pattern:  Bobbie
by Diane Zangl, for SWTC

  SWTC Pure (100% soysilk(tm))
Method:  Handknit
Completed:  February 23, 2008.

I’m calling it a tank top, but it’s almost more of a Tee.  I made it mostly according to the pattern, except I worked the bottom part in the round, and I inserted shoulder straps when I discovered (too late) that it was going to be too short.  I.e., I’d finished the whole thing and realized that the pattern was going to be a crop top.  So, I inserted shoulder straps incorporating the bobble motif.

I’m not all that happy with the yarn.  It feels wonderful, with lovely drape.  But, it was a bit splitty to work with, and  it opened up surprisingly when I wet & dried the finished project (see before/after below).  I suppose, if I’d washed a test swatch, I would have known that and knit accordingly, so perhaps it is user error.

pre-soakpost soak Before and after soaking.  Note how the whole garment has “relaxed” considerably.
backback flat Back — modeled and flat.
neck detailshoulder band detail Neck detail and close-up of the added shoulder strap.
bottom detail Detail of the bottom half — bobbled 3×3 ribbing.

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