Spring Has Sprung Sock Yarn

Spring Has Sprung Sock Yarn (2020)

Fibre: Green Goat Ranch Blended Rolags (Yellow & Kiwi)
Yarn: 2-ply; 330yds sock yarn
Method: Wheel spun with long draw
Completed: June 16, 2020.

I bought these rolags as part of the Virtual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in early May 2020. They spun up like candy! So fun, and you couldn’t stop at one :->

I spun half of my rolags from yellow to green ends, and the other half from green to yellow ends, before plying them as a 2-ply. I guess I was reasonably consistent — 323yds on one bobbin, and 330yds on the other!

I did a very loose spin on the singles, and plied more heavily, aiming for a good tight yarn without making it “wiry”. As this is destined for making socks, I didn’t want to leave the fibres too loose, but I also didn’t want “crunchy” stiff yarn. Seemed to work out.

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