Dresden Plate Baby Blanket (2016)


Yarn:  Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock — cream and “cool” (blues/aquas); Tess Super Sock and Baby — light green and purples
Pattern: Ring Around the Rosies
Completed: April 24, 2016

Using 3.00 or 3.5mm crochet hook (confusion between ancient (WWII) hook and new chinese industrial stamped one), “Ring Around the Rosy” crochet pattern.

Used cream as the centre and one of the alternating colours.  Sage and blues were the other 2 alternating colours.

For each colour, I did each chunk of petal completely before starting the next colour/petal (and slip-stitching to attach the rows to the previous segment).  On changing colours, I crocheted into the back loop (only) on the first round to give a bit of “depth” and make it look like the next colour was coming from “under”

33” point to point diameter
27” valley to valley diameter

After blocking:
39” point to point diameter
29” valley to valley diameter

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