First Spinning (2014)


2- and 3-ply Fibre:  Blue faced Leicester (BFL)
Method:  Drop spindle
Completed:  August 30, 2014.

I posted a blog post with my first efforts at spinning with the drop spindle and then plying.  This was the first effort in creating yarn I might actually use.  I was aiming for a sock weight result, and missed it pretty completely.  I can’t spin singles that are fine enough (yet).  But, it was fun!  And, I wound up with about 3.3oz of yarn — most of it 3-ply, some of it 2-ply.  Not sure what I’ll do with it, but I have to say:  even though the yarn itself has a fairly rugged, I have to keep petting it and squooshing it… it’s my yarn!

  2-ply knit up 2-ply knit up at 7st, 9rows to an inch on 2.25mm needles.
3-ply knit up 3-ply knit up at 5st, 8rows to an inch on 3.25mm needles.  (That’s the top part of the swatch.  I have lost track of what I knit the lower part on).
weighing in Weighing in…
spindle                  holder repurposed! Re-purposed tools!  I put the spindle in a wide shoebox (with holes cut into it) to hold it while I wound the yarn off into a skein.   And, while plying, I used my knitting machine’s quadruple yarn holder with tensioned guides to hold the 3 plies!
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