DragonTale Purple Painted Warp Scarves (2013)


purple scarves Pattern:  1 Plain Weave, 2 Twill scarves and an end piece

  Warp:  Dragon Tale 5/2 Rayon and Rayon Slub painted warp;  Weft:  5/2 Dragon Tale Rayon  (various colours).Method:  Weaving, Schacht Baby Wolf 8S10T
Completed:  December 30, 2013.

I got the warp as a kit from EarthGuild — DragonTale 5/2 rayon and rayon slub, painted “in the warp”.   144 ends, warped at 15epi.  The kit came with a cone of black 5/2 black rayon, which would have been enough to do 3 scarves in plainweave.  But, I opted to play around 🙂

The kit says that you can weave three 78″ scarves.  I wasn’t sure how wasteful I’d been in getting it on the loom, so I opted to weave the scarves to 75″ (on loom), and then had enough left to play with a 4th piece.  I’m choosing to think of it as a table centrepiece.  The scarves have 5″ twisted fringes, and the centrepiece has a sewn edge and free (trimmed) fringe.

So — on loom, the scarves were 9 2/3″ (144 ends/15 epi) and woven to 75″.  They came off the loom at approximately  8 1/2″ x 73″, and finished around 7 1/2″ x 69″.

  test weavealt                colours Left picture — weaving with thick waste yarn to check the twill patterning (caught and fixed a threading error! Had to use an emergency heddle).Right picture — playing with pink and purple weft options prior to starting 3rd scarf.
all                togetherclose up togetherbundles of joy All together, washed and dried.
first scarf, flatfirst scarf,                worn toofirst scarf,                fringe First scarf — plainweave, black weft
second scarf, flatsecond scarf,                wornsecond scarf                fringe Second scarf — twill pattern, black weft
third                scarf, flatthird scarf,                wornthird scarf,                fringe Thirs scarf — twill pattern, purple weft
Centrepiece, flatfinal piece Final piece (table centrepiece) — twill pattern, pink weft


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