Rigid Heddle Rustic Placemats (2013)


RH Rustic Placmeat Pattern:  Plain Weave

  Sakura Cotton (by Estelle Yarns) for weft; Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Ultrasoft for warp
Method:  Weaving
Completed:  August 25, 2013.

This was a project on my rigid heddle loom (Schacht Flip, 15″; used 8 dent reed, 112 ends).  The Sakura Cotton is a very slow changing variegated yarn, so I made sure to wind/rewind the yarn on the shuttle so that cut ends would line up (and colours would continue evenly).  Used about 4 balls of the Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, and about 2/3 of one skein of the Sakura Cotton.

Wove the placemats to 18″, left about 1″ between placemats.  Sewed down the ends before washing.  After washing — placemats measure 11.5″ x 14.5″.

  my woven table        top down table You can see the colour progression between placemats (“in order”).
placemat 1placemat 2placemat 3 with plate Other 3 placemats
ends, pre-washpre wash Before washing — trimmed edge, whole placemat
on loomone warpwarp stretched outstretched out, too Warp-focus — on the loom, and thend all stretched out on the floor
starting! Getting started..
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