Black and Blue — Woven Scarf (2010)


black and blue woven Pattern:  Plain weave & basket weave in checkered pattern — Mastering Weave Structures, pages 12 & 13

  Black — 100% alpaca fingering weight;  Blues & greens — Handmaiden Cashmere & Silk handpaint
Method:  Weaving
Completed:  August 8 2010.

This is wide enough that I guess I’d call it a stole, not a scarf.  Finished measurements are 12 7/8″ wide by 65 1/2″ long (exclusive of fringe).

For a first weaving project (design and execution!),  I’m pretty pleased with the results.  That said, there were some pretty serious “learning opportunities” afforded in both the design and the execution phases!   First and foremost — I really should have done a sett/epi test.  I was aiming for 12 ends per inch and 12 picks per inch, but it came out more like 13 and 16, respectively.  The latter varied a fair bit as I experimented through the weaving — so there are some pretty “unbalanced” patches in the work.  Also, the “blocks” of plain and basket weave are too small to really be noticeable.  I should have planned something more striking in the actual sett (i.e., this patterning was too fine?) or at least made the blocks bigger — more ends, more picks.

But, the yarn was awesome, especially the Handmaiden cashmere & silk!  Though it didn’t “stick” very well to itself, causing some pretty un-straight lines in the weaving.

one sideother side Left & right sides of the finished stole (these are 2 separate pictures!)You can see that the coloured segments (warp and weft) are asymmetrical, intentionally.
Back view
colour on colourblack on colourblack on black Closeups — colour on colour, black on coloured warp, black on black.You can see the plain weave square sections next to the basket weave square sections, in an overall checkered layout.
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