Blue Melody Socks (2009)


blue melody Pattern:  Wendy’s Toe-Up Socks, with Cat Bordhi’s arch expansion, and Barbara Walker’s Reverse Fern Stitch on the ankle

  Jojoland Melody (MS16), about 1 1/3 balls.
Method:  Knitting
Completed:  December 7, 2009.

Yet another pair of socks — they make such convenient travel projects!   These are definitely “fraternal” twins.    Knowing I could not squeeze 2 socks out of one ball, I started the second sock at the beginning of the second ball, but the colours played out completely differently.  C’est la vie!  The reverse fern stitch pattern gives the ankles an interesting bit of texture.

This was my first experience with Jojoland’s Melody yarn.  It seemed nice enough, and I though the colour transitions were mostly pleasantly subtle.

flat socksflat sock ankle topography detail Here you can see the fraternal nature of their relationship, and the “waffle texture” of the reverse fern stitch ankle patterning, when relaxed.
trad sock front Traditional front-on sock view
pattern detail Detail — the arch expansion, and the reverse fern pattern when stretched out more fully
au naturel Natural state of sock…
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