Aran Sweater Sampler (2007)

Baby sweater/chair Pattern:  Janet Szabo, baby sweater/sampler from her Aran Sweater Design course notes
Yarn:  Riverview Farm wool
Method:  Hand knit
Completed:  July 9, 2007.The sweater measures 11 inches wide by 11 inches long.

Don’t let the chair fool you — it’s a child’s chair, too!  This is an Aran sweater exercise from Janet Szabo’s “Aran Sweater Design” course notes.  I took the course at the very beginning of May this year, and started this sweater project there.  Finally wrapped it up, two months later!  It was interesting and instructive.  Knit from the top down, you start by making the shoulder straps, then knit the front & back down from picked up stitches along the sides of those.  When the front & back are long enough for the arm holes, you join them and knit the body in the round.  The sleeves are made by picking up stitches along the front & back armhole openings, and picking up and continuing the shoulder straps’ live stitches.  One might do that on 4 DPNs, but I used 2 circs, because that’s what I had with me, in this vacation setting 🙂 .

I elected not to do a ribbed collar, as the neckhole was already small enough that I was concerned it would not fit over a child’s head.  Instead — a single row of single crochet finishes the neckline.

In progress Here you can see the steps in progress — both shoulder straps have been done, and the back has been (picked up from stitches along each of the shoulder straps and) knit down to the bottom of the armhole opening, before leaving the stitches on a holder.  Here, I’ve begun one side of the front.Ultimately, the front will be knit down to the bottom of the armhole opening, and then the torso will be worked in the round.  The sleeves will be made by picking up stitches along the front & back edges of the armhole, as well as continuing the live shoulder strap stitches/pattern.
Sweater Front
Sweater front (on adult chair).  Note that the shoulder strap pattern is carried down the sleeves (the rest of the sleeves is done in moss stitch (filler)).
Sweater Back
Sweater back
Main cable detail Detail of main front cable
Other cables detail Detail of side cable and moss stitch filler
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