Maritime Morning Sweater (2013)

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Maritime Morning
Pattern: My own design 

  Green Mountain Spinnery "Mountain Mohair"
Method:  Hand knitting
Completed:  February 10, 2013.

I bought the yarn at the Green Mountain Spinnery in 2005.  My design notes (from "Design a Knit") are dated 2006.    I started knitting immediately on completing the design, and then let the sweater sit in a "time out" for a good long time.

First of all -- I'm pretty happy with the results.  It fits well.  The yarn is lovely (of course!  it's Mountain Mohair!).  The wrist band patterning lines up with the waist patterning when I drop my arms.

There are some design "issues" that got on the way of enjoying knitting, causing the multi-year timeouts, and that I'd want to overcome for any future design effort:
And, executionally,
The overall design theory of "Maritime Morning" was something along the lines of -- rocks on the edge of shore, with seaweed (and flowers?) showing at low tide... somewhere the dark water blurs to the horizon and sky and clouds.  Hey -- it's a theory.

  frong Front view

Back view

shoulder detail
Detail of shoulder/arm.  See that the charcoal plain knit is baggier than the patterning at the top of the sleeve?  Gotta loosen up that colourwork stranding.
front, flat
Flat view of front

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