Lily Pad BFL -- Wheel spun (2015)

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Lily Pad BFL
Fibre:  Blue faced Leicester (BFL), from Wild Hare Fibers
Method:  Spinning wheel
Completed:  February 23, 2015.

4oz of Wild Hare Fibers Blue-Faced Leicester top, spun on my Schacht Matchless.  Approx 219yds 3-ply and 21yds Navajo-plied.  I did a better job of getting the ply right than on the previous Wild Hare Fibers (Robin's Egg) BFL I did.  N-plying is also coming along.  Since the fibre had more variation in colour than the Robin's Egg, the difference between 3-ply (marled) and N-ply (more solid) is quite clear.

I measured the lengths by counting the number of strands in the skein and multiplying that by the length of the skein (after soaking and drying, to set it).

  close upbackside of label Closeup of yarn with the tag from the fibre

Yarn closeups - the 3-ply and the Navajo-ply
Yarn... label... or not.
 fibre and first plyfibre & first ply, closeupthree plies L: First ply and remaining fibre
C: First ply, closer; label
R: Three plies!
all my
                wild hare...two 3plies togethercrossed together
Showing here with the previous Wild Hare fibre (Robin's Egg colourway).  The Lily Pad plying worked better.

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