Box Sweet Pullover (2014)

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Box Sweet
Pattern:  Box Sweet, by Candace Eisner Strick and Ann Feitelson

  Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra

Method:  Hand knit
Completed:  October 8, 2014.

I bought this as a kit at Maryland Sheep & Wool 2012.  Then, at MDS&W 2013, I bought some alternative colours for a couple of the ones that came in the kit.  A fun knit!  It's modular -- starting with the mitred squares and working the rest around it.  I made the medium size, though the small might have been fine (the yarn relaxed in soaking).  The sleeves got longer after soaking (which was good) but the sweater did not get longer.  I would have liked another couple of inches in the body.  I'd definitely knit this again, sometime.  It would be fun to do it as a more serious study in value gradation.

  back viewback view, too Back of the sweater
sleeve detailshort-rowed insets to
                make medium size
Detail of the sleeve with the mitred squares.
Note the inset stripes between front and back, and the matching short-rowed sections on the sleeve in the second picture -- that's how Medium is done.
comparing small to personal sweater muslinsmall, gapping on muslininspection! Testing the Small against a personal sweater muslin (white) -- quite a difference.  So, I made Medium.  Of course, the sweater needed Inspection.
before assembly, flat
Laid out flat, before knitting side additions/sleeve short-rows and assembling.
figuring out chromatic
                orderfirst squares!
First step -- figuring out the chromatic progression of my main and contrasting colours  (7 and 5 of each, respectively).

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