BFL Sock Yarn (2014)

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BFL 3-ply sock yarn
Fibre:  Blue faced Leicester (BFL)
Method:  Spinning wheel
Completed:  December 5, 2014.

First spinning on my first spinning wheel (Schacht Matchless)!     About 3.3oz of BFL top spun and plied into 3ply (2.95oz) and Navajo-plied 3ply (0.20oz).  (Yes, there was lossage... getting to know the new wheel!). 

Knits up at 6st/in on 2.0mm needles.  I'm planning (rustic) socks.

 both 3-pliesPlied and navajo pliedcloser Large bundle is the plied singles (3-ply).   Small skein is the Navajo-plied.

Plied, close up
Closeup of the plied singles
Navajo plied, close up 
Closeup of the (overtwisted) Navajo-plied yarn.
Weighing injust plied on scale
Weighing in -- all together, and the plied singles alone.
6 st/in on 2.0mm needles.  Reasonable stitch definition!

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