Pink Twill Tablerunner (2012)

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Pink Twill
Pattern:  Point twill variant from top of page 131 of Deb Chandler's "Learning to weave", with plainweave borders and ends.

  FibraNatura flax linen (chocolate brown) for the warp -- 4 skeins used between the sampler and the actual table runner
Linares cotton/viscose (pinks & shiny bits) for the weft.   Used just over 1 skein, between sampling and weaving the table runner.

Method:  Weaving, Baby Wolf loom, 4 shafts, 6 treadles
Completed:  October 28, 2012.

I wanted a tablerunner to brighten up the room, as it has a lot of wood going on in the current configuration (floor, sideboard, table, etc).  I picked out the brown flax and the pink variegated yarn with that in mind.  And then had to figure out how the 2 would play together, what sett to use, etc.  I played around with samples on my Northwest Pioneer loom, settling on a sett of 15epi.
In the end, I like both sides of the fabric.  It didn't shrink as much as I expected it would, and the plainweave ends flared a bit, so I left it on the dining room table for a week to ponder what I wanted it to look like in the end.  I settled on pointed ends, and simply zigzagged the ends, trimmed the fringe to almost nothing, and sewed the edges together into points.  I can now flip the ends inside out and turn the tablerunner over if I want the (originally planned) underside.

Not sure it actually lightens up the dining room much; all the better excuse to try another weaving project!

dressed updressed up long view
Table dressed up with the table runner
                  woodon wood long
Every day look with the runner
reversable 1reversable 2point construction
Reversable -- both ways -- because the edges are sewn together to make the point.  Sewing is not my forte...
Pattern detailwide endshem stitching
Pattern detail; flared plainweave ends; hemstitching (which, in the end, I didn't trust as a finish, so I zigzagged with the machine)
sett changefrustration
Design work... breakthrough when I went from 10epi to 15epi by re-sleying the Northwest Pioneer.

Bad idea:  trying to wind a warp from a skein, wihtout having wound it into a ball.  MESS!
pattern sample detailactual versus design
Closeup of actual sample, as well as some other theories for weaving pattern; comparison of computer drafted design versus actual.

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