Not Too Fussy Sweater (2012)

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not too fussy sweater
Pattern:  Wondrous Woven Cables, from Knitter's, Fall 2000

  Plymouth Yarn Mushishi -- 3.5 skeins (1,600 - 1,700 yds)
Method:  Hand knitting
Completed:  July 19, 2012.

A new sweater was required -- others are all wearing out!  The request was for a "not too fussy" sweater -- a black stockinette crew neck would probably have fit the bill nicely, but I would have clawed my eyes out with boredom trying to knit something so boring.  We settled on this pattern ("Wondrous Woven Cables") and the self-striping Mushishi yarn.

side tooside
Side view -- you can see that the broad stripes of front and back do not line up.  But, the patterning is coordinated enough that this doesn't seem too distracting.
sleeve detail
Sleeve... this is an object lesson for why you should block and then seam.  The seam is not stretchy and is stuck at the length of the sleeve when it was first knit (before soaking).  On the other hand, the sleeves are now too long, so the seam helps to keep it in line with where it was meant to be...
Detail of the shoulder join.  Worked out reasonably smoothly.

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