Forest Floor Socks (2012)

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forest floor socks
Pattern:  Usual Hybrid Sock Pattern

  Lang Jawoll Magic (most of one 100g ball, though there was a comfortable amount left over)
Method:  Hand knitting
Completed:  October 15, 2012.

These are my standard socks -- toe up, following Wendy's Toe-Up pattern, and Cat Bordhi's Riverbed Arch expansion/plain heel.   For the ankle, I did 2x2 rib. 

I liked the feel of the yarn, and the self-striping was fun, but there was a long patch of almost-black on the first sock that I thought detracted significantly from the value of having self-striping yarn.  Also, working with such dark yarn was a bit of a challenge, when trying to short-row or turn a heel in a dim airplane or meeting seat.

  side viewblob front view You can see the dark band of a long stretch of almost-black in the yarn

Detail:  self-striping foot, close-up of 2x2 ribbing on the ankle

flat socks
Off the feet -- I guess it's spring or summer forest floor in the socks, along with some real forest-like leaves in the Fall!

Note that the 2x2 rib made a really skinny ankle off the foot, but fit quite comforably.

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