Trenched Spiral Socks (2010)

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Brown spiral trench socks
Pattern:  Hybrid!  See notes, below.

  Trekking Pro Natura, (approx 340m  / 370yds)
Method:  Hand knitting
Completed:  April 26 2010.

These are my standard socks -- toe up, following Wendy's Toe-Up pattern, and Cat Bordhi's Riverbed Arch expansion/plain heel.   This is a second pair following the ankle design for which I was inspired by the "Whirlpool socks" from Laura Nelkin (in "Knitting Socks With Handpainted Yarn").   I liked the principle of the swirl, to help break up some of the striping from the variegated yarn, without having the colour variations arguing with (or obscuring) the stitch pattern. 

whole socks
Whole socks -- note the arch expansion.
trench detail
Detail on the ankle -- at rest, this looks more like ridges than trenches
Another view of the ankle stitching.

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