White Birch Fiber Socks (2008)

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White Birch Fiber Summer Grasses
Pattern:  Wendy's Toe-Up/Cat Bordhi's Riverbed master pattern for the arch, and Barbara Walker's "Gothic Lattice" for the ankle patterning.

  White Birch Fiber -- Summer Grasses
Method:  Hand knit
Completed:  November 19, 2008.

The yarn is quite nice to work with -- smooth, and just enough colour variation to be interesting without bad striping or pooling. 

If I had actually swatched with this yarn before knitting, I might not have done an ankle pattern that was so heavily purled.  I find the reverse stockinette parts pattern differently (with the colours) than the stockinette, so the ankle looks a little out of place with the main sock.

almost donedone
A pair of socks!  Caught the first picture while there was still daylight (but the ankle isn't quite finished).  Second picture -- under lights in my hotel room.  The colour of the first is more true to life.
riverbed in daylightriverbed on the hoof
See the Riverbed increases -- the angled line up the side of the foot; on the sole, it looks like an inserted  triangle starting halfway down the foot and broadening towards the heel
gothic lattice detail
This shows the Gothic Lattice pattern in some detail.  Note the cabling twists.

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