Brown Noro Kureyon Socks (2008)

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 Brown Kureyon Socks
Pattern:  Started as Wendy's Toe-Up, but needed more ease for the arch.  I worked in Cat Bordhi's Riverbed master pattern for the arch, and used her standard heel.

  Noro Kureyon Sock (S149) and Mountain Colors Bearfoot (Chocolate)
Method:  Hand knit
Completed:  September 6, 2008.

The Noro yarn feels a bit scratchy, though I understand it will soften up with wear/washing.  The Wildfoote is delightfully soft (though was a bit splitty to work with very pointy sock needles).    I did the toes & heels in the Bearfoot on the suggestion that the Noro Kureyon Sock yarn might not be quite sturdy enough for high-wear areas.    I originally intended to do a chevron patterning on the ankle:  something to pull the colours out of line, so that they didn't turn out too stripey.  However, the yarn has zero elasticity, and that made the ankles too tight to slip over the arch of the foot.  So, I went with 2x2 rib for the ankles.  For this particular colourway, that's probably not a problem (it's not quite as, ehhm, strident as some other colourways).

I'm pleased that the colours have more-or-less lined up between the 2 socks -- that was pure serendipity.  I'm not pleased that the one on his left foot (the second one I knit) seems shorter than the one on his right.  I believe the foot of the sock may actually be shorter:  I was concerned about that when knitting up the second sock (I knit to where my notes said, but it didn't seem to line up perfectly).  Either I did the first one differently than my notes and forgot, or my knitting tension was very different between the 2 socks (not a problem I usually have), or the first sock stretched as he tried it on with successive attempts at an instep that worked, and the second sock may catch up.  I am fervently hoping for the latter.  He says he doesn't see/feel any difference between them; I know it would DRIVE ME NUTS.  :-)

Inside view
Riverbed detailbottom riverbed
See the Riverbed increases -- the angled line up the side of the foot; on the sole, it looks like an inserted  triangle starting halfway down the foot and broadening towards the heel
Here you can see the triangular gusset from the Riverbed increase. 

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