Crochet Square Doily (2008)

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Crochet square doily
Pattern:  "Fantastic Ferns", #17 in Decorative Crochet magazine (Jan 1998)

  DMC Cebelia Size 20, Colour #524
Method:  Crochet
Completed:  October 15, 2008.

A fun meeting/travel project!  This is the second time I've done this pattern, though this  is the first time I've done it with something close the the fineness of yarn called for.  It's usually hard to find fine-gauged cotton.  And, I have to say -- I'm not sure I'd bother going to less than size 10 again in the future.  Probably a function of my poor crochet skills, I found that I still crocheted it fairly loosely, so the net gauge wasn't that different.

Corner blockingEdge-on blocking
Views while blocking
Pineapple closeupCorner closeup
Closeups -- Pineapple detail (left) and corner detail (right)
first one
Here's the first one that I made, at some distant point in the past (yarn and dates unknown; haven't made a separate project page for it).

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