Guiness Socks (2007)

Guiness Socks
Pattern:  Wendy's Generic Toe-Up with feather-and-fan pattern on the ankle
Yarn:  Schaeffer "Anne"
Method:  Handknit
Completed:  February 18, 2007.

The Schaeffer "Anne" was very nice to work with, and, as it's a little lighter than the Koigu or similar yarns, it made a slightly more refined sock.   Where my Koigu KPPPM socks do well in sneakers or light trail shoes, these are light (and refined) enough to work well in leather lace ups.

I made the ankles about an inch too short for my liking, as it turns out -- not a fault of the pattern or the yarn, but execution error. 

Ankle detail
Detail of the feather-and-fan pattern on the ankles.
The yarn, in skein
Schaeffer "Anne", in skein.  I used roughly half a skein; could probably make 2 pairs of socks (for size women's size 6 - 7 foot).

Note the light "fuzz" from the mohair.
Yarn and Guiness
Guiness (the cat, not Guinness, the beer) and the yarn...
Guiness, Socks
Guiness (the cat) and the socks... the similarity in coloration inspired the naming of the socks.